Polka-Dot Cake: Smart & Easy Decorated Cake Idea

Ladies' Home Journal

How much do I love this decorated cake idea from Ladies' Home Journal? A lot, that's how much. This is one of the cutest, easiest ways to decorate a cake that I've seen this spring.

A piece in May's Ladies' Home Journal gives this recipe and cute idea for a fancy cake: Frost the cake with simple chocolate icing, then stick on polka-dots. What are the polka-dots? Meringue kisses!

You could do this in an even simpler way, too, with those pastel buttermint buttons from the grocery store candy aisle, or with big candy sprinkles from Wilton. (I love those huge oversized sprinkles they have right now — they're excellent for decorating things like this.)

But if you want to make your own pastel meringue buttons (they're super easy) check out the recipe in this month's issue!

Get the recipe: Polka-Dot Cake, at Ladies' Home Journal. Also on newsstands.

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(Image: Ladies' Home Journal)

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