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Did you know that you can poach eggs in the microwave? When we first posted that tutorial, many readers were overjoyed at the thought of egg-and-rice for lunch at the office. But then the question arises naturally: How do you get raw eggs to the office without breaking them? Here's one solution, from camping gear manufacturer Coghlan's.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Want to take just one or two eggs to the office? This little plastic carrier holds 2 eggs in a snug, uncrushable plastic grip.

2 Size Egg Holder, $1.88 at Coghlan's

Coghlan's also makes larger holders for camping, which can hold a dozen or more. This petite egg holder is handy, though, for an urban lunchbox. Who wants crushed eggs in the bottom of their work tote? No thanks!

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