As children, we dream of having our very own kitchens to the extent that we pretend that it is so. Today, I love working in a real kitchen but wouldn't mind incorporating a few of these adorable details rounded up from little play kitchens. Let's escape back to childhood for some inspiration:

1 Doesn't this look like a charming vintage attic kitchen? We love the slanted ceiling and that bold, oversized artwork over the sink!
2 We love the display shelves and little hanging pot holders in this green and pink kitchen showcased over at Ohdeedoh.
3 Check out that view! This blue kitchen has our beloved detail of a window over the kitchen sink.
4 Why do we so often go neutral in our adult kitchens? This green and red is so happy and inviting!

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(Images: via Ish & Chi, Ohdeedoh, Sutton Grace, Out of the Crayon Box)