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Health counselor and organic foods chef Charita Singh is passionate about living a zero-waste lifestyle. So passionate, in fact, that she started her own company offering plastic-free lunch boxes, food containers, and more.
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The cornerstone of her company is the tiffin, a traditional Indian food carrier composed of stackable tiers. "I have been using tiffins and other stainless steel kitchenware from India all my life," Singh says. "It wasn't until I had a child and started going to playdates and parks that people would come up to me and ask me where I got my tiffins from."

To make these tiffins more accessible in the US, Singh started OM Goods, which carries 2-, 3-, and 4-tier tiffins ($12-20) and other stainless steel food containers and dishes manufactured in India.

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In addition to the environmental benefit, stainless steel doesn't absorb food flavors and odors. Singh says they are also easy to clean: "The best way to clean them is with hot soapy water and dry them thoroughly. The dishwasher works wonderfully, although I do not recommend using a conventional detergent but rather a natural one with no harsh chemicals, like Ecover tablets."

To further support the zero-waste lunch movement, OM Goods also carries cloth napkins and tiffin bags. Singh designed the bags herself, adding a side pocket that fits a 12-ounce reusable drink bottle.

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