Pitcher Drinks for an Indian-Themed Party?

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Q: I'm throwing an India-themed party this summer. To keep the beverages simple, I plan to have nonalcoholic punch, wine, beer, and something alcoholic that can prepared in pitchers (so I don't get stuck mixing drinks all night).

Any ideas?

Sent by Rebecca

Editor: Rebecca, you could go a few different directions here. For the non-alcoholic drinks, what about a pitcher or two of unsweetened yogurt lassi? It is cool and refreshing and goes very well with spicy food. You could also do a sweet lassi, like this mango version. You could also try something with raw lime cordial; mix with a pinch of cardamom, tonic water, and rum for an Indian-inspired pitcher drink.

Readers, what would you suggest for Rebecca's party? Any particular recipes you like?


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(Image: Anjali Prasertong)

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