Pie Tip: How To Roll Out Pie Dough Without a Rolling Pin

Look at this bright tip from reader Donna (also the baker behind that Apple Cranberry Galette). Donna lives on a boat and therefore has a very limited set of baking equipment. But that doesn't keep her from rolling out pies!

Donna's tip? Use a chilled wine bottle. This is rather brilliant on more than one level. Yes, it means you don't need to own a rolling pin (saving a little space in your cupboards), but it's also good for the pie dough. You want to keep traditional pie dough as cold as possible all through the rolling-out and shaping process, so a chilled bottle of wine is a very good idea.

We would just suggest wiping down the bottle to remove any condensation; you don't want to add extra moisture to your dough.

• See Donna's tip here (and a recipe for blueberry pie): How To Roll a Pie Crust Without A Rolling Pin

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(Image: Donna Diegel)

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