Pie Bakeoff 2008 Special Mention: Best-Looking Pie

Best Pie Bakeoff 2008

Special Mention Award: Best-Looking Winning Recipe: Susan's Candy Apple Pie

Voting for the best Original and Classic pies in our Best Pie Bakeoff 2008 has finished, but we wanted to also weigh in editorially with three Special Mention awards.

Read on to see why we awarded this Special Mention to Susan and her luscious pie!

We saw some really good-looking pies in this contest. In fact, this Special Mention was the hardest to decide. We went back and forth over the droolingly-delicious tarts, pies, and galettes, but ultimately we couldn't pass up the sheer food porn of Susan's images. This pie makes us want to get into the kitchen right now, which is what good food imagery should do.

Congratulations, Susan! We'll have your prize out to you soon.

And thank you again to everyone who took the time to share your recipes, pie photos, and good advice with us all. There were splendid pies in this Bakeoff.

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