Pearl Sugar and Iberian Ham

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• Are you heading to IKEA to try pearl sugar? No IKEA? You can also find it online at King Arthur Flour for $5.95.

• Is this chowder authentically New England, or not?

How to broil a steak - no grill needed.

• A menu inspired by Amélie and her crème brûlée - enchanting.

• What is Jamón Ibérico, and why should we be so excited that it's arriving soon?

Smoking-hot posts from our archives and editors' picks for weekend reading below...

Top Posts from our Archives
That really fast bread still gets lots of love - have you tried it yet?

Even in the dead of winter a basic lemon sorbet is apparently what you want recipes for!

No-Knead Bread - in a hurry.

Has Target's Dwell collection shown up yet?

You love Jamie and his warm vintage style - so do we!

Editors' Picks
See the quirky winner of our Valentine's Dreamy Menu inspiration contest and see all the posted entrants here.

Roasted walnut oil - it makes everything taste better!

Still really, really loving our new electric water kettle.

Those jellied blood orange smiles don't sound so hard.

We need a winter cleansing! It's vegetables and whole grains all the way, this weekend...

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