Pea, Pickle, Peanut and Egg Salad: Crazy, Yet Good... Maybe?

Tell me this doesn't sound like the punchline to a joke, or maybe the beginning of a nursery rhyme: Peas, pickles, peanuts, and... eggs. Together. In a salad. Crazy? Unappetizing? Or cult classic barbecue side dish? Depends on who you're talking to.

According to Karen at Savoury Table, pea and pickle salad is a classic side dish for BBQs and cookouts, an old-timey recipe updated just a bit with extra jalapeno and onion.

The combination sounds a bit crazy to me, but sometimes crazy is good, right? Sweet and salty, sour and punchy — I am tempted to give this stuff a try myself!

→ Get the Recipe: Pea and Pickle Salad at Savoury Table

Do you make pea and pickle salad?

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(Image: Karen of Savoury Table)

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