Five Wood Cutting Boards That Double as Serving Pieces

I once worked for a store that sold beautiful cutting boards. We'd tell customers to designate one side for actual cutting and the other for serving. That way, they could remain beautiful and functional.I think it's important to have a ho-hum cutting board for your onion and garlic chopping. Those scents don't easily come out fully, so I use a cheap plastic cutting board for that kind of kitchen prep. For other not-as-stinky chopping, I use a few larger wooden boards that I've received as gifts over the years and that double as serving pieces for bread and cheese or chopped vegetables. Here are a few favorites:

Round Ash Wood Cutting Board - $18 from Terrain
United States-Shaped Boards - $19.95 - $39.95 from UpWoodCrafts
Ed Wohl's Birds Eye Maple Cutting Boards - $94 from A + R Store
Rustic Walnut Cutting Board - $46 from Etsy seller GrayWorksDesign
Hickory Cutting Board - $36 from Brook Farm General Store

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(Images: Terrain, UpWoodCrafts, A + R Stores, Gray Works Design)