Pantry Before & After: Rotating Shelves (or Pantry Carousels) to the Rescue!

Does the above pantry look familiar? It's all too easy to let our pantries get messy and disorganized. That's why I was so inspired when I saw how Emily of DecorChick completely transformed her pantry area with the help of a few carousels. (So smart!) That's her 'before' pantry above; jump below to see how she fixed it up!

Amazing what a few carousels can do! The rotating shelf design was actually designed and built by Emily's father. You can read all about how it was done here. They were made specifically to be installed in corners or anywhere with a standard 11 1/4" shelving. As her father wrote here, "Ordinary lazy susans won’t work because the turntable bases are too large. The ones in Emily’s pantry are 20" in diameter, will hold just about anything, and are virtually silent. The new standard size is 19 inches as those seem to fit most pantries better."

What a difference it makes! "Can you believe that’s the same pantry?" Emily writes. "It’s like total peace going in there now. I know that sounds strange, but everyone operates better when things are neatly organized. I need these shelves in every cabinet in the house now!"

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(Image credits: DecorChick)