Late Summer Sip: PAMA Liqueur with Soda and Lime

We've been meaning to show you our new favorite liqueur for quite a while. But as we sipped and sipped, the bottle level got lower and lower, and now we have hardly any left to show you! And that, I suppose, is a recommendation all in itself. But here's a little description of this tart, ruby-colored liqueur, and the reasons why we sipped it all summer long.

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PAMA is a pomegranate liqueur — a mix of pomegranate juice from California pomegranates, vodka, and a touch of tequila. The final alcohol content is relatively low: 17%. This makes a lovely mixer for cool weeknight drinks. We love drinking a little glass of PAMA with ice, cold soda water, and a few squeezes of fresh lime juice. It's tart, sweet, and rather rich-tasting — like a pomegranate itself. There are even the slightly bitter aftertastes of the tannins in the pomegranate fruit.

It's refreshing and very pretty, too. And this is a liqueur that will carry over well into the fall. We can picture it mixed with orange juice or Grand Marnier for holiday cocktails, or with Champagne for a pink and fizzy Christmas toast.

Have you ever tried PAMA? What did you think? It's joining our list of great liqueurs to have on hand for refreshing soda mixers.

• More about PAMA: PAMA Liqueur

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(Images: Faith Durand; PAMA Liqueur)

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