Our Readers Take the Cooking Cure: Here's How Day 1 Went for Them

The Cooking Cure 2014

Are you playing along at home in our Cooking Cure? We're embarked on a month of eyeballing our daily meal routines and finding some fresh ways to cook at home. Together! Everything is better together.

So far nearly 9000 of you are signed up. We checked out the #cookingcure hashtag to see how Day 1's assignment went for you — here are some highlights!

Day 1 Assignment: Write down everything you ate for breakfast last week.

Some examples of resulting self-awareness:

We love pictorial evidence of your homework!

- via Stephanie Shea ‏@diapershorts on Twitter

Some readers had extremely short lists.

How's it going for you? Did you make a list of your breakfasts for the past week?

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(Image credits: voyagedanslamoon via Instagram; Stephanie Shea)

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