Our Favorite Stories of the Year

Our Favorite Stories of the Year

While most of the time we're focused on recipes and tips to get a better dinner on the table, we also appreciate the fact that food is one of the most important and emotional parts of our lives. There are food stories — the good, the bad, and the ugly — to share. These are the best long reads on our site this year, conveniently located in one place so you can dive deep.

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1. What It's Really Like to Cook on a Food Stamp Budget

(Image credit: Lyndsay Sung)

2. Life in the Kitchen After a Cancer Diagnosis: A Conversation with Baking Blogger Lyndsay Sung

(Image credit: JP Masclet)

3. 10 Things I Learned While Watching Nigella in My Pajamas

(Image credit: Mallory Samson)

4. Vegetables in Suburbia: My Story of Teenage Rebellion

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5. My Father and the Onion

(Image credit: Quentin Bacon)

6. The Practical Tips I've Learned from Watching Ina Garten at the Gym

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7. The Best Foods to Donate to Food Banks During the Holidays

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8. How I Found Love (and Breakfast) in My Dorm Cafeteria

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