Our Cooking Resolutions for 2014

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What would a new year be without great resolutions! Tiny hopes and aspirations that give 2014 new life, a new slate to work on. This year The Kitchn editors PROMISE to plan ahead more for meals during the week, and pack more satisfying lunches for work. Tell us, what are your cooking resolutions for 2014?

FAITH: Make a meal plan every week. I am discovering how just a small amount of planning revolutionizes my daily meals, helping me cook more often and eat healthier.

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EMMA: Make 2 cookbook recipes a month!

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CAMBRIA: I desperately want this year to be the year I finally plan out meals for the week on the weekend, and maybe even prepare a few staples (wash and chop greens, for example) on Sunday to make everything easier throughout the week. I've just never quite gotten into the habit of doing this, but 2014 is it! I can feel it.

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ANJALI: Use my outdoor grill more. I live in Los Angeles, where we have grilling weather approximately 352 days out of the year. I should really take advantage of it.

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ARIEL: I'm determined to make lunch to bring to the office. IT'S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! No more expensive sandwiches and gross bowls of soup. ALSO, it might be a small one, but I want to drink more water. I'm awful about it, which means I snack more than I should/want.

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(Image credits: Emma Christensen; Chris Perez; BuzzFeed; Danielle Tsi; Leela Cyd)

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