Our Best Recipes & Tutorials for Making Homemade Stock & Broth

Our Best Recipes & Tutorials for Making Homemade Stock & Broth

Faith Durand
May 16, 2012
We'd be remiss to let Reader Request Week go by without an in-depth look at homemade broths and stocks, the building blocks of good soups! Whether it's chicken, vegetable, beef, or shellfish, most soups start with a savory, brothy brew. Here are recipes, tips, and good ideas for better stock at home. • Stock vs. Broth — What's the Difference?

How To Make Stock

Recipes and tutorials for making various kinds of broth and stock. • How To Make Homemade Chicken StockBasic Recipe: Roasted Vegetable StockHow to Make Homemade Vegetable StockSoup Base Recipe: Parmesan StockChicken Bone BrothChicken Giblet StockTurkey StockDashi Soup StockShellfish StockMake Cheese Rind Stock!

Stock Hints & Helps

More tips and good ideas for making homemade stock better or easier. • Stockpiling Your Scraps: What to Save & Freeze for StocksStock in the Slow CookerMake Stock in a Pasta StrainerSave Wilted Vegetables For StockQuicker Vegetable Stock: Try Shredding the VegetablesKitchen Shortcuts: An Easy Trick for Straining StockHelp! Why Did My Chicken Soup Turn Into Jell-o?What Are the Best Containers for Freezing Liquids?What Can I Make With Goose Stock?Freeze Homemade Stock in Ice Cube TraysFrozen Homemade Stock PortionsHomemade Soup Stock: How Far Would You Go?How Do I Use Mushroom Stock?

On Buying Stock

If you're all out of time and need some good ideas • Make or Buy? Chicken StockWhat Is the Best Brand of Storebought Broth?Storebought Chicken Stock FaceoffWays to Improve Store-Bought BrothBest Vegetarian Bouillon and Pre-Made Stock? What are your best tips for making homemade broth or stock? Got any tips for making it quicker or easier? It's Reader Request Week at The Kitchn! This post was requested by Yogalala. (Images: Emma Christensen; Dana Velden; Emma Christensen)
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