Organized Drawers: Real-Life Inspiration (and How-To's)

Organized Drawers: Real-Life Inspiration (and How-To's)

Regina Yunghans
Oct 11, 2010

Can a drawer interior look like autumn? We think this one does. We love its material palette of wicker, wood, and silver. It inspired us to look for more inspiringly beautiful, organized kitchen drawers and here's what we came up with:

From that beautiful wicker basket-lined drawer at A Country Farmhouse to how-to's from Martha Stewart Living and Lapsus Humanus (previously featured on The Kitchn), these examples make us want to get busy on our own kitchen cutlery and utensil drawers.

What's the status on the organization of your kitchen drawers? Might they be a detail to tackle in the upcoming Kitchen Cure?

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(Images: A Country Farmhouse, Chez Larsson, Martha Stewart Living, Reluctant Entertainer, Laura of Lapsus Humanus via The Kitchn)

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