Organize My Small Kitchen On a Budget

Organize My Small Kitchen On a Budget

Cambria Bold
Jan 11, 2013
Name: Sonia City: Toronto Resolution: Organize My Small Kitchen On a Budget.

Here's what Sonia says about her goal...

My resolution: I love cooking for my friends at almost every opportunity, but I get overwhelmed by how small the kitchen is and how easy it is for everything to get unorganized quickly. The freezer has no shelves, the in-laws always send over enough cookies and chocolate to last the rest of the year, and the pantry has corners that I can't reach to store things. We've reduced to the essentials, but it's still too crowded. First resolution is to develop a new system.

Thanks, Sonia! Best of luck to you! Readers, do you have any advice or suggestions for her?

(Image: Emma Christensen)

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