Oreo Cake, Vegan Soups, and Valentines for Food-Lovers

This Time Last Year

This time a year ago we were talking about soups, soups, and more soups! Read on to see some of the recipes we posted, as well as a roundup of vegan and vegetarian soups. We also had some special sweets, like brown-sugar baked apples and an Oreo cake!

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• What are you doing for Valentine's this year? How about some food-themed Valentine cards and chocolate pancakes? Also, try making Valentines out of leftover candy canes!

• Beautiful recycled Mexican glassware.

• Need a project? How about reorganizing your pantry?

8 ways to build flavor.

• Soup! Why we make soup, a recipe for ten breads for soup-dipping. Plus, a roundup of vegan and vegetarian soups.

• Creamy things: Yogurt in soups, the difference between coconut milk and coconut cream,

• A tour of a small cafe in Brooklyn, with a wonderful Mediterranean platter.

• Sweetness: Oatmeal brown sugar baked apples, and Oreo cake.

• Full archive from this week a year ago

Previous Year Ago Lookback: Party Food, Chinese Dumplings, and Ina Garten's Kitchen

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