Ordinary Food Makes For Beautiful Additions to Creative Sketches

How many times have you looked at some random food item, like popcorn, and seen a face or some familiar image in the kernel? Artist Victor Nunes has taken these small, daily findings and fleshed them out with beautiful drawings.

Each image includes one specific type of food item and lots of dreamy, imaginative sketches. He also has taken to carving faces out of food, like bananas. I, for one, am dying to get a print of one of these (if that ever becomes possible). For now, all these images can be found on Victor Nunes' Facebook page.

For more beautiful food + drawings → Victor Nunes Faces

(Image credits: Victor Nunes Faces; Victor Nunes Faces; Victor Nunes Faces ; Victor Nunes Faces ; Victor Nunes Faces; Victor Nunes Faces)