Order Up! Retro Accessories for a Diner-Style Kitchen

Order Up! Retro Accessories for a Diner-Style Kitchen

Emma Christensen
Oct 13, 2009

Ah, diners! We sip watery coffee out of thick mugs, douse our hash browns with ketchup from a squeeze bottle, and love every minute of it. Wouldn't it be great to bring a little of that relaxed, breakfast-all-day charm into our own kitchens?

1. The Classic Diner - Our kitchen definitely feels like a busy diner much of the time! (from Flickr member David Sifry licensed under Creative Commons)

2. Napkin Holders - No diner is complete without the ubiquitous napkin dispenser! ($10.99 from Organize-It)

3. Condiment Caddie - These caddies are so convenient for carrying condiments to and from the table. ($18.40 from Zesco.com)

4. Restaurant-Style Coffee Cup - Wrap both hands around this mug and sip slowly for instant comfort. ($5.29 from DinerDecor.com)

5. Syrup Dispenser - Even bad maple syrup seems to taste good when it's poured from a pot-bellied jar with a slidey top! ($3.75 from the Webstaurant Store)

6. Mustard and Ketchup Squeeze Bottles - Forget those glass jars! Squeeze bottles are so much easier for getting exactly the amount you want. ($.59 from Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store)

7. Glass Sugar Pourer - Perfect for pouring into coffee or shaking on top of oatmeal. ($1.65 from Jean's Restaurant Supply)

8. Diner Style Wall Clock - Not that you care what time it is when you're in a diner, right? ($26.99 from Retro Planet)

9. Retro Diner Signs - Complete the look with a few well-placed retro signs inviting your guests and family into the kitchen. ($9.99 - $25.99 from Diner Decor)

What other finishing touches does a diner-style kitchen need?

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