Favorite Orange Recipes For Halloween

Favorite Orange Recipes For Halloween

Kristen Lubbe
Oct 26, 2010

Themed parties are our favorite parties to attend and throw. There's so much you can do to turn an ordinary party into a themed party. Typically, food is the easiest way to go. If you don't have a genre in mind, try coordinating color!

If you're throwing a halloween party, try serving all halloween inspired dishes. We think a table full of orange and fall colored food would be spectacular and certainly get your guests in the holiday spirit. Halloween is one of the easier holidays to coordinate food, there are so many delicious foods in orange, white and black (chocolate). You can make truffles, cupcakes and anything with a delicious orange.

Recipe: Chocolate Orange Truffles
Recipe: Blood Orange Jelly Smiles
Daily Preserves: Sexiest Bitter Orange Marmalade
Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Ginger Orange Cupcakes
Bright Color, Big Flavor: Orange and Yellow Tomatoes

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