The One Thing I Started Doing That Immediately Made My Kitchen Neater

The One Thing I Started Doing That Immediately Made My Kitchen Neater

Lisa Freedman
Oct 16, 2017
(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Every once in a while, something clicks for a home cook. Maybe it's a new technique that seemed impossible to master a day ago, or a new ingredient that somehow makes every dish better, or anything in between.

I had one of those aha, palm-to-face moments a few weeks ago. It was so simple and obvious, and yet it feels totally life-changing. I'm not overstating things when I say I'm a neater, more organized cook now because of this one little thing.

I've started using a spoon rest.

Duh! So simple, right?

I was already a neat cook, cleaning up as much as possible as I worked. That actually ended up being a downfall, though, because I was constantly putting my spatula or wooden spoon in the sink before I was totally done with it. At the end of a cooking session, I'd find myself with, say, one dirty bowl and a sink full of utensils. We're talking a good half-dozen or more!

Then it happened. One night while making dinner (specifically, a giant pan of sautéed zucchini), I found myself awkwardly holding a spatula. I knew I'd need it again and realized I shouldn't put it in the sink, but I didn't want to put it on the counter because it was oily. A light bulb went off and I grabbed a little appetizer plate from the cabinet. I set the spoon down on it, checked on my chicken, and picked the spoon back up when I needed it. Why wasn't I doing this all along?

My favorite part about this system is that you don't even have to buy something special (although there are a ton of beautiful handmade spoon rests on Etsy). Just use a small plate or, heck, even a Tupperware lid will do. This little habit will keep your counters clean and help you avoid all that extra utensil washing.

Do you use a spoon rest? Is it an actual spoon rest or something else?

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