One Specialty Pan You Actually Need This Halloween

One Specialty Pan You Actually Need This Halloween

Lisa Freedman
Oct 24, 2017
(Image credit: Amazon)

In case you don't have enough sweet treats on hand already (although, to be fair, that candy is for the trick-or-treaters!), we present you with this Haunted Skull Pan by Nordic Ware.

While we don't typically like to to suggest buying novelty pans for holidays (what are you supposed to do with it the rest of the year?), we're making an exception for this one because it's so ridiculous. Plus, it's pretty hard to carve your own skeleton head out of cake.

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Haunted Skull Pan, $28

The nonstick pan creates two haves, which can be frosted together to create a very detailed, free-standing 3-D skull. Add a simple glaze or a dusting of confectioners' sugar for a bone-like effect. Then, if you're having a party, set it on a cake stand and stab a knife through its head to make it extra spooky.

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