One-Pot Meatless Meals, Harvesting Sea Salt & a Halloween Pitcher Cocktail

Friday Flashback

Soups, spooks, and sea salt: that was the name of the game this time last year! Check out our recipe for Egg Drop Soup (so easy!), follow along on a San Francisco Bay sea salt harvest, get a Halloween cocktail recipe or two for your party this weekend, and plenty more. Take a look!PICTURED ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHTEasy Halloween Pitcher Cocktail: El DiabloHam Bone, Greens, and Bean Soup: Cookbook Review and RecipeSpooky and Playful: The Best Halloween Treats of 2011From Ocean to Box: How Sea Salt is HarvestedLilian's Sunlit Family KitchenSavory Granola: Unexpected Soup Topper & Killer Snack

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