One Improvement You Want to Make In Your Kitchen?

We've been hard at work in a new kitchen, and we've been thinking about the big and small things that make a kitchen feel like home. Whether you are on the brink of a full renovation like Keith and Brent or just looking to organize your recycling system, you probably have at least one thing you'd like to improve or upgrade in your kitchen.

What is it?

I, for instance, am still working on getting an antique stove vent to work, fixing a broken undercounter light, researching new bulbs for my vintage mod light fixture. And that's just the big stuff! I also need to reorganize my storage containers, find good storage for flour and sugar, get my pantry in shape, and more.

What's the next improvement you want to make in your kitchen, and how are you going about it? It's Home Cooking month and we just want to help you make your kitchen more homey, comfortable, and inviting.

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(Image: Jill Slater for Apartment Therapy)

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