On Doing Without Dairy

Shortly after giving birth to my son, I cut dairy from my diet. Because I am nursing him, and because dairy seems to make him uncomfortably gassy, the decision was made. But it wasn't made lightly. You see, I love all things dairy: cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, cream-based sauces, the list goes on and on!

Sure, it was simple to replace the milk on my cereal with Rice Dream. But I mourned the loss of creamy goodness in meals throughout the rest of the day. However, there are a few ingredients I have found are good substitutes for getting richness into a meal without dairy:

  • coconut milk
  • avocados
  • re-fried beans (this is a favorite, actually!)
  • nut butters
  • cornmeal
  • oatmeal

Any fellow dairy-lovers out there who have had to do without? Let's hear how you did it in the comments below.

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(Image: (Courtesy of the California Avocado Commission, via The Kitchn)

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