Old-Fashioned yet Fashionable: The Granny Fork

Do you use a "granny fork"? To be honest, we really hadn't heard of this kitchen tool — at least not by that name — but it features prominently in Saveur's Top 100 List and Bon Appetit's list of the best kitchen gadgets of the year. It was a favorite tool of Julia Child's, and we all know how popular Julia and her kitchen have been this year!

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The granny fork, or turning fork, appears to be a very multi-use tool. It stirs, it tosses, it pierces, it drains pasta. There are a couple different sorts, though; the fork pictured at top is really what we think of as a granny fork. It's basically like a spoon with a fringed end.

Bon Appetit, in their roundup of favorite tools from the past year, says, "Julia Child loved this tool, and it's easy to see why. It costs less than $10 and it does a multitude of things from stirring to serving."

Sometimes you will find more pointed forks, like the one directly above, called a granny fork. But we would probably distinguish it as a turning fork.

Do you use one or both of these old-fashioned yet very useful tools?

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(Images: Amazon; Andre Baranowski)