In Praise Of Old-Fashioned Kitchen Tools

We profess a fondness for old-fashioned kitchen tools – things like charming pie birds, wooden butter molds, and a good cast iron skillet. How about you?

Though at times we may suffer from an overly romantic view of the past as we sigh over the offerings at Labour and Wait and Lehman's, in many cases there's a good reason these tools have endured. Not only have classics like the apple corer or mortar and pestle gone through decades or even centuries of refinement, but they're often more sturdy and long-lasting than modern-day (plastic) gadgets. They generally last a lifetime and never go out of style. And then there are tools handed down from parents, grandparents, and other relatives. How wonderful it is to hold a well-worn and loved rolling pin, egg beater, or granny fork passed down through the generations!

What old-fashioned tools do you have in your kitchen? Do you use them regularly or keep them for sentimental or decorative reasons?

Note: The Bromwell Flour Sifter, Egg Beater, and Pie Bird in the image above are available for sale from TagSaleFinds on Etsy.

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(Image: TagSaleFinds)

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