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Here's a really old-fashioned breakfast we have been savoring this week: slightly dry biscuits, warmed up, doused in milk with a sprinkle of sugar. It's warm, comforting, nursery-style food for cold mornings. Have you ever tried this?
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
This is a breakfast I ate in childhood; my mother often put this out the morning after she made biscuits. Slightly dry and stale biscuits, warmed up to piping hot, with cold milk poured over, and that glaze of sugar — it's so delicious! It may look strange — soggy biscuits, eh? — but it's a really delicious and comforting treat in the morning.

Here are a few biscuit recipes in case you want to try it yourself!

Two-Ingredient Biscuits
Angel Biscuits
Touch of Grace Biscuits

Do you ever eat this sort of old-fashioned breakfast?

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