Office Kitchens Fit For Home

The office kitchen. Bleh! Long-forgotten items in the back of the fridge, a sink full of coffee mugs and a microwave that no one wants to clean. Most office kitchens are pretty bleak, but take a look at these that have us marveling:

The first example above is most homelike: It's the office kitchen of Drew Barrymore's production company, Flower Films. Just think how great a home-like office kitchen would feel each day at lunch or breaktime. We can't help but believe a comfortable office kitchen would make whole office a much better place to be each day. Of course, it would take everyone pitching in to keep it in tip-top shape.

Do you know of an awesome office kitchen, either at your own workplace or someone else's? How does its design and upkeep make it a wonderful workplace kitchen? Please tell us about it below!

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(Images: Domino, Mono Ad Agency via Office Design Blog, Google Stockholm by Camenzind Evolution, Biscuit Filmworks by Shubin + Donaldson, NCIDQ by Perkins and Will via Contract Design)

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