NY Times Dining Section Roundup: 4.4.07

NY Times Dining Section Roundup: 4.4.07

Chris Phillips
Apr 4, 2007

Alert! Today's New York Times Dining Section should come with a warning label -- Rated S for Strong Stomach Required.

We've been cheering the pop-culture-ization of this starchy section, but "snagging pigeons from under bridges and behind air-conditioners" is taking it too far, don't you think?

So glad this article didn't end with a recipe.

We do agree with this quote from Steven Rinella's Scavengers Guide to Haute Cuisine, but didn't need to read about the mange squirrel and the headless sparrow over breakfast:

"If someone were watching from a distant planet," he writes, "our beliefs might look like this: domestic animals should be more wild; wild animals should be more domestic; and wild meat is good, so long as someone else kills it."

Fear Factor fans will savor the rest of today's Dining section too: Tales from the Butcher Case about keeping meat "red well past its usual shelf life" and a Buffalo-Style Chicken Wing Salad recipe. Good information, all of this, but too much to take at once.

Farewell, French Fries! Hello, Sliced Apples!: NYC's Mayor Bloomberg is "the city's most powerful foodie. (Has the Times used the word "foodie" before?) The city has a new Food Czar . . . cool.

On Easter, Symbolism and the Exuberance of Spring: This is the kind of story we were expecting this week. A tour of the Mediterranean at Easter and Passover time with recipes for Neapolitan Easter Fricassee of Lamb and Neapolitan Ricotta and Wheatberry Pie.

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