NY Times Dining Section Roundup: Carving the Turkey

From the New York Times' Dining Section...

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Butcher's Method Takes Carving Off the Table: An efficient, step-by-step pictorial guide to dismembering your bird for maximum flavor and meat. Those intimidated by the carving set should take a look.

Simple Crusty Bread: Nick Fox follows up last year's No-Knead Bread and goes one better: this bread dough sits in the fridge as long as you want it to and can be baked whenever you're ready. Who's ready to try?

PLUS Harold McGee, turkey pot-pie, ghosts of the kitchen, and Berkeley's wine radical...

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A 19th-Century Ghost Awakens to Redefine 'Soul': A cookbook collector searches the small towns of America to find traces of the author of the earliest known cookbook by an African-American.

Berkeley's Wine Radical, 35 Years Later: A visit with Kermit Lynch, influential importer and writer.

A Zippy Update for a Mild-Mannered Standard: Melissa Clark tackles the turkey leftovers with a recipe for Turkey Potpie With Chipotle and Cheese Sticks Crust.

Make it An Early Bird: Trying to watch your weight this holiday season? Diet advice may conflict, but there's one point of agreement: eat early, and eat a good breakfast to avoid overeating later in the day.

Stalking the Apple's Untamed Kin: Harold McGee eats his way through the marvelously diverse heirloom apple varieties of America - he says that some taste like roses and others like fennel and anise.

Turkey Again, Thanks to the Italians: More turkey leftover advice from the Minimalist - this time it's a Barley 'Risotto' with Turkey and Mushrooms.

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