Now Streaming on Hulu: Full Episodes of Good Eats

We're big fans of the streaming video site Hulu, but we've been puzzled by the lack of food content there. Yes, there has been some video from Food Network, but only clips — never full episodes.

Well, a keen-eyed reader just pointed out that there are full episodes available now from Alton Brown and a couple other Food Network favorites. Have you been watching these?

It looks like just three Food Network shows are available on Hulu — at least, with full episodes:

Good Eats
The Next Iron Chef
Throwdown With Bobby Flay

I don't have cable, so I rely on the internet for any food TV I want to watch. I don't usually watch much of it, but I might need to catch an episode or two now of The Next Iron Chef!

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(Image: Hulu)

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