Notes from a Little Greek Island

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This week I am in another country, sharing a table with new friends, asking to see strangers' kitchens, and cooking with tools I can’t buy in the States over fire using woods I have to look up in my nature book. 

If you let it, this kind of travel will strip you down to your most innocent, vulnerable and open self. You’ll struggle to say hello and thank you even though you feel it more deeply than when you are at home, you will eat things you are not sure the names of, and you will fumble with customs that are foreign. You will grow. 

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I’m not on another planet or even in a culture that is drastically different from my own; I’m in Greece for a week, attending a culinary school on the island of Kea called Kea Artisanal which is run by a genius, passionate cook and food author named Aglaia Kremezi and her husband Costa Moraitis.

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I’m eating, cooking, tasting, smelling, interviewing, observing, and listening. This trip is a birthday gift, so it’s not supposed to be work, but since my work is about food, my work is about life. This is the best kind of living I know, so I never set my camera or my pen down.

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When I return to the states I’ll have many stories and recipes and kitchen tours to share with you, but for today, here on a small Greek island with a spotty internet connection, I will bring you a few images to whet your appetite. Follow along on Instagram (@skgillingham) or Twitter (@sarakategr).

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(iPhone Images: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)

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