Not Your School Cafeteria's Side of Green Beans

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When I was a kid, a side of green beans usually meant those long, green vinegary sticks that came in a can. It wasn’t the worst thing to be honest (I had thing for vinegar), but it was definitely one note and a mushy. Think of this recipe for green beans from Our Four Forks as a grown up version that actually tastes good: the green beans are fresh from the farmers market, roasted, and smothered with a vinegary dill pesto.

I can see this green bean recipe going great with burgers right off the grill as a substitute (or addition to!) French fries. But really any grilled meat with this vinegary side dish would be great.

How do you plan on taking advantage of green bean season?

Recipe: Roasted Green Beans with Vinegary Dill Sauce from Our Four Forks

(Image credits: Our Four Forks )

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