Nora Ephron's Rule of Four, an Infographic for Introverts, One-Dish Suppers for a Crowd, and The Kitchn's Cookbook!

Most Popular Posts Published March 31 - April 6

Welcome to Saturday, friends! Popular posts this week on The Kitchn include our super exciting news that we're writing a cookbook (!), a guide to helping you choose the right seat at a dinner party, a revealing video showing what 2,000 calories looks like, and easy, one-dish suppers for two or ten. Enjoy!

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14. Shot Glass Appetizers: All-In-One Finger Foods For Your Next Party
13. We're Writing The Kitchn Cookbook!
12. 5 Ways to Use Balsamic Vinegar Every Day (Other Than Salad Dressing!)
11. Recipe: Chocolate Wafer Icebox Stacks
10. Happy Hour Snacking at Home: 10 Irresistible Seasonal Bites

9. Recipe: Socca Flatbread with Spring Pesto and Salad

8. Easy Party Recipe: Lemon Spongettes

7. Recipe: Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup

6. Nora Ephron's Rule of Four: How To Intrigue and Satisfy Your Dinner Guests

5. Baked Ricotta: The Best Appetizer You Haven't Met Yet

4. Infographic for Introverts: Choosing the Right Seat at a Dinner Party

3. What Does 2,000 Calories Look Like? You Might Be Surprised

2. Crêpe Parties, Taco Bars & More: 9 Build-Your-Own Party Meals

1. 15 Easy One-Dish Suppers for Two or Ten

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