Quick Breakfast: No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal

Overnight oatmeal is a familiar thing; we often boil a pot of steel-cut oats and then leave them to soak overnight on the stove. Bring them back to a simmer in the morning and they're ready to eat. Sometimes we cook oatmeal overnight in the slow cooker, too.

But what about overnight no-cook oatmeal?

That's the basic idea of this very simple recipe from Whole Foods Market's website. The recipe is basically a cold cereal — easy to prepare the night before, and good for people who prefer their oatmeal raw.

Basically you just mix rolled oats with milk, fruit, and nuts, and leave them overnight in the fridge. In the morning the oats have softened up into a sort of cold porridge or cold cereal. You can warm it up or just eat it cold.

Get the recipe: Overnight Oatmeal at Whole Foods Market

What do you think? Do you ever eat oatmeal like this?

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(Image: Whole Foods Market)

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