New Martha Blog: Dinner Tonight from Everyday Food

Our friends over at Everyday Food launched a new blog! Dinner Tonight does one of our favorite things: menu-planning. Each day the blog's editors pluck a few good recipes from their archives and put them together into a well-balanced meal. Today's menu? Orange-Molasses Glazed Chicken with Sauteed Spinach and Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes.

We really enjoyed cooking with Everyday Food when we visited their headquarters and made salmon burgers with their editors...

We've also really enjoyed having Everyday Food editors John Baricelli and Allie Lewis as guest experts here on The Kitchn, and we like their unpretentious, fresh approach to daily cooking.

As much as we love the kitchen, cooking every day can turn into a chore, but these daily menu ideas will give us some good inspiration. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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