(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We obviously have pizza on the brain, because it was just yesterday we posted Breakfast Pizza and now we're practically salivating over this very expensive beehive pizza oven from Williams-Sonoma.

This is way out of our price range, and out of the price range of things we usually post here at The Kitchn (we leave all those big-ticket, out-of-budget items to our sister home and furniture sites!). But this is too delicious to pass up.

We dream of a little city garden with a paved courtyard and fruit trees and one of these babies right in the middle. This would be so great for more than pizza, too; we'd bake bread in this all year round! But we probably have other things to use $2000 for right now - more's the pity.

Check it out at Williams-Sonoma, though; they even have a video. They say it's an authentic European oven that can bake everything from crisp-crusted pizzas and rustic breads to juicy roast chicken with a crackling golden skin. You do of course have to build a wood fire and learn how to build the coals. Baking temperatures of up to 900ºF!

Beehive Pizza Oven, $2000 plus $200 for shipping

(Image: Williams-Sonoma)