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When we asked you if you were still missing any essential kitchen tools, we had spatulas in mind. We never seem to have enough, but now we have our eye on these new spatula spoons from Le Creuset.

A good spatula scrapes, mixes, and stirs, and I am always reaching for mine. I have two, and they always seem to be dirty when I'm in the middle of a big recipe testing run.

Not only are these Le Creuset spatula spoons bright and cute (shaped like garden vegetables! Cool!) but their rounded shape is a nice complement to the longer, narrower spatulas we already have. A rounded spatula is great with the shape of some bowls and pots.

Also, these won't melt like our old rubber spatulas. (They of the sadly ragged edges.) These are heat-resistant up to 800°F, and the removable heads are dishwasher safe, too.

Le Creuset Silicone 11.5" Bell Pepper Spatula Spoon, $11.99 at ChefTools
Le Creuset Silicone 11.5" Apple Spatula Spoon, $11.99 at ChefTools
Le Creuset Silicone 11.75" Pumpkin Spatula Spoon, $11.99 at ChefTools

What's your favorite spatula?

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(Images: Le Creuset)