Neighborhood Fruit: Where To Find Fruit On Public Land

Neighborhood Fruit: Where To Find Fruit On Public Land

Kathryn Hill
May 8, 2009

Neighborhood Fruit is a Google map mashup that shows citizens of San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles (as well as a growing list of other cities) where to find fruit growing on public land. In other words, fruit you can forage for yourself at no cost!

Currently, the map for San Francisco shows mostly loquats and plums, but anyone can register and add more entries to the database. Know where apple or pear trees are, or blackberry bushes? Put it on the map.

Most fruit grown in the city and in backyards goes to waste, while we buy fruit that comes from farms that are hundreds of miles from our homes - farms that require large amounts of water to produce the fruit, and gasoline to bring the fruit to us. This doesn't make sense. Let's change that.

Find fruit near you: Neighborhood Fruit

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