Naturemill Kitchen Composter Reviewed at Unplggd

We've been curious about the Naturemill Kitchen Composter for a long time. It lets you compost indoors, and compost continually. There's supposed to be no odor and the machine can accept over a hundred pounds of organic waste every month as it continually turns it into rich, concentrated compost for your garden or house plants.

We haven't used it yet, but we're so glad to see that Sonia at Unplggd has one and is reviewing it in installments!

She's done two installments on her experience with the Naturemill composter and so far it sounds great! She gives very detailed explanations of how she had to set up the machine and how it's working now, a couple weeks into it.

Check out her posts here, at our sister home technology site Unplggd:

Re(al)view: Naturemill's Composter
Re(al)view: Naturemill's Composter Part Two

Also, stay tuned - we'll have our own review and thoughts on this machine soon! My fiance and I actually registered for one of these puppies (our registry list is super short - this is the thing we're most excited about, to the amusement of friends and family) and someone bought it for us. We have a Naturemill composter coming soon and we can hardly wait to get started!

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