Nationwide Food Section Roundup: Fall Harvest and Healthy Lunches

In Chicago the Sun-Times answers two different requests for recipes with savory hazelnut-stuffed Lebanese olives and sweet Lyonnaise galette. It also encourages us to use more anchovies, discusses Chicago's local beer, and Sustainable Table American food tours.

In Washington D.C. they are looking at healthy pantries and healthy lunches. They also give a great roundup of food festivals, and they include recipes for Pear Crepes and Fall Fruit Crisp. They also discuss fresh figs, tomato crumble, and spinach imposters.

In Iowa the Des Moines Register taste-tests those expensive $14 cake mixes from Sprinkles and Williams-Sonoma. They also discuss Americans' confidence in local over imported foods, and they offer a recipe for Smoky Cilantro Pesto Beef Crostini from a local beef recipe contest finalist.

In Seattle they offer some tips on becoming an olive oil expert, and a recipe for Grilled Lemongrass Shrimp and Rice Noodles. They also offer tips for packing a green lunch and a recipe for Rosh Hashana honeycake.

(Image credit: Olive oil image Antonio Celentano)

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