Napa Pantry: 7 Picks From Michael Chiarello

We've spent more time than we care to admit gushing over the lighting and copper pans in Michael Chiarello's Napa Pantry store. Although beautiful, they're not exactly in our budget, so instead we've rounded up 7 colorful picks from Michael himself, that are a little more in reach for home cooks! He loves them and so do we!

These picks are a great way to bring in a little color in some unexpected places (who would have thought a griddle could have been colorful?!). And just in case you're curious about the lighting and pans we mentioned earlier, you can find them in the Napa Style Store as well.

Featured Top To Bottom and Left To Right
NapaStyle Artisan Series Reversible Griddle: 10 3/4"x20" for $100
Rectangular Earthenware Bakers: 9x13 for $69.
Set of 3 Nesting Earthenware Bakers: Ranging in Sizes from 7 1/2"- 11 1/4" for $99
Coverflex Silicone Lids: Priced individually starting at $7, or a full set for $24 and 3 full sets for $50
Microfiber Kitchen Mat: 22"x60" for $169
Big Bottle Base Bowls: 4 1/2"-6"x2"-2 1/2" for $29 (on sale from $39) and made from recycled wine bottles.
3 Square Restaurant Storage Containers: 2, 4 & 6 qt sizes, BPA free with locking, stackable lids.

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(Image: Napa Style)

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