My Great Outdoors: Weeknight Dinner on the Porch

In Ohio and other northern parts of the country (and the world) you should never take nice weather for granted. We are purely indoor creatures for most of the winter and early spring, so the gorgeous early summer has us running outdoors at every opportunity. And the My Great Outdoors event (have you shown us your outdoor space or meal yet?) was a good reminder to go outside to eat, even on a weeknight, with just leftovers on the tray. Just going outside made it special.

My husband and I are lucky enough to have a front porch and a back deck (oh the luxury!) attached to our little house. The front porch is a good place to eat, shielded from the late afternoon sun, and opened up to all the goings-on of our semi-urban neighborhood.

Last night I pulled out a vintage tablecloth, a tray, and a couple plates of leftovers. We split a beer (it was a weeknight, after all) and sat on the porch at a little table, enjoying the outdoors and the home-cooked food. A huge old wisteria vine, fresh with leaves (but no blooms this year, sadly) offered a little privacy. It was pure bliss.

Resource: We have a couple of the IKEA BOLLO tables, which are inexpensive but still sturdy, and easy to move from the back deck to the front porch.

Where is your outdoor space? A roof? A deck? A yard? Are you eating outdoors this month? Maybe it's just my imagination, but everything seems to taste better when you eat outside!

Show us your Great Outdoors and how you are eating and cooking outside: My Great Outdoors 2009: Show Us Your Outdoor Spaces

(Images: Faith Durand)

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2009, My Great Outdoors

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