Chris's Playlist: My Mood-Setting Indie-Rock Playlist

Party Playlists from The Kitchn

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Even before I lived in the music capital of the world, I loved music. It has a way of quickly elevating a particular mood or emotion, and it can do the same thing for your dinner party (and party prep)! Here's a peek at what I'm grooving to as the meal and evening all comes together.

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I turn on my dinner party playlist when I begin the final preparations before guests arrive — so that I don't forget to turn on the music if someone pops in early. I try to set the music to the flow of the evening. Things start out calm and relaxing then slowly get more upbeat before mellowing out once again.

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I try to incorporate songs that serve as a good ambience — music that is complementary and isn't too distracting from the event itself. I find that female vocalists from indie rock bands tend to hit the right balance of melody and soothing rhythm.

Because my playlist lives on Spotify I swap in and out tracks dynamically as I get tired of some songs and find others that fit the vibe I'm trying to establish. 

Here's what my playlist looks like today. Take a listen...

(Images: Chris Perez)