Multi-Use Tools: The Do It All Knife

We're really fascinated by this concept for a set of multi-use knives. It made the blog rounds a little while ago, and we have been looking back at it and thinking about what makes a good multi-use tool. We often praise multi-use kitchen tools that cram many functions into one, but what makes a truly useful tool? Do you want a grater and a knife in one?

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This knife concept is by Caroline Noordijk (via Yanko Design), and it includes three knives. It makes use of the "unused" space of the knife blade by incorporating other tools like peelers and graters.

The concept is technically brilliant; we really admire the idea. But we're curious: would you buy a knife like this, or do you want to keep your tools more separate?

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We just feel that we use our chef's knives so regularly on so many different things it might make for more work to also have to wash it to use it as a zester or peeler. But on the other hand, what a space saver!

• More about this concept: BasicKnives by Caroline Noordijk

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(Images: Caroline Noordijk)

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