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When most people think appetizers, toasts, and crostini, they often turn to bruschetta, that classic Italian combination that usually includes juicy tomatoes, cheese, and herbs. But there's a whole world of toasts out there that rely on seasonal ingredients and innovative flavor combinations, spanning the map from skirt steak to strawberries and everything inbetween.

There is a restaurant here in Seattle, Dinette, that specializes in toasts. When I first heard about their dinner menu and the famed toasts I initially thought it a little silly: toasts aren't exactly a tough thing to pull off. But their creative use of seasonal ingredients make for a really special meal. Share a salad and a bottle of wine and order a bunch of toasts to try and a good meal is had, indeed. So I began thinking about different toasts we could start making at home from sweet to savory, using different fruits, herbs and cheeses. And now I have a very fine place to start.

Try a Recipe:
Fava Bean and Radish Bruschetta - Emily Ho for The Kitchn (pictured above)
Ricotta and Date Toast - The Best Remedy
Strawberry Basil Bruschetta - A Blithe Palate
Kale and Bean Bruschetta - Bon Appetit
Fig, Ricotta and Honey Toasts - Fig and Cherry
Modern Mexican Bruschetta - Rick Bayless
Garlic, Brie and Tomato Toasts - Epicurious
Flank Steak with Goat Cheese on Toast - Steamy Kitchen
Apricot and Chicken Bruschetta - Giada De Laurentis
Sponge Cake Bruschetta with Berries, Maple Syrup and Cinnamon Salsa- Lucullian Delights
Bruschetta with Cherries - Whole Foods Market

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(Image: Emily Ho)