Move Over, Tile: 5 Backsplashes Made of Sheet Materials

Kitchen Inspiration

Most commonly, we think of backsplashes as finished in tile, generally installed in individual pieces or, in the case of mosaics, in 12x12 mesh-backed squares. The installation can be daunting for DIY installers, what with the adhesive, grout, spacers, and sealant to consider. (Hire someone to do it for you and the expense can really add up.) As an alternative, check out these ideas for using sheet goods on backsplashes:

Sheet goods can be (but aren't necessarily) easier to install, have a clean, streamlined look, and eliminate grout lines that are particularly vulnerable in wet kitchen spaces and can be difficult to keep clean.

→ For an aspirational take on the solid backsplash idea, check out these stone slab backsplashes.

What do you think about sheet material backsplashes?

(Image credits: Griffin Enright Architects; Turner Castle Associates; Country Living; Hannotte Interiors; Popular Mechanics)